It's My LIFE

Chris Keller/Mark Caldwell

Three beers in and I'm feelin' just fine

I could take on the world but I still feel blind

So I drink a little more, take a hit before the pour

sit and watch it all pass I don't do nothin' more

You see to me, I've built my penitentiary 

concern and the doubt, the price to be free

It ain't the whiskey it ain't the wine, it ain't the weed it ain't the times

it's my life, oh Lord, it's my life

It isn't your fault, it sure ain't mine,

sometimes you win or you fall if you try

It's my life, oh Lord, it's my life

Pull your boots up show the world your tough

Got a soul to feed an ego to bleed

Get out and sing do some mingling 

Set your past apart and walk through the dark

You see to me, I'm trapped in uncertainty

like panic and angst, I'm addicted to misery

Another DOor

Chris Keller

You're losin' hope, you're losin' time

She said it again you lost your mind

pack your bags and run away, it'll be ok

Where to run, where to hide?

Find somewhere that's deep inside

Drink the drink and get that high

Put the gun aside

Head for the sunrise and for the hills

get up early and find the thrills

Smokey Mountain moonshine fades

into the clouds of grey

Lose yourself along the way

Fight the traffic and fight the day

Find someone to call your angel

when you're walking through hell

Cry a bit sometimes and learn

Gotta let that fire burn

One by one then two by three by four once more

another door

Let Me BE

Chris Keller/Mark Caldwell

Who's this callin' on my phone?

Three times a day it won't go away

I don't need a loan I'm just fine on my own

I work and I get by ok

Slow down you're driving too fast

Get your bumper off of my ass

We're all in the same place just goin' different ways

Excuse me while I drive on past

Why does it feel good to tell me how to live?

In a world full of pouters and doubters and haters in the land of the free

Just let me be

I don't care about these damn tweets

or the "bad news" that's trending this week

Put the iPhone away you're just wreckin' my day

I got my own troubles anyway

Jesus made Sunday's for rest

drink of His blood and dress in your best

but don't try to buy wine the law ain't on your side

and smokin' a joint's still a crime!